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A.S.D. Sicilia Adventure was born with the goal to make to know and appreciate the small corners of Sicily still untouched by practice activities such as: canyoning, speleology, trekking and activities, available in winter, on the snow .
With this Spirit it offers to all  who want enter in this wonderful world a series of activities (of varying difficulty) that through the use of speleologists-mountaineering equipment and always under the watchful guidance of its companions, will allow you to live unique moments in contact with nature.
Glad to welcome you as soon as possible in one of our excursions (uncommon), we invite you to take a look at the wonderful world that you can explore with us.

The President 

Michele Di Bella

Michele Di Bella
Tiziana Giustolisi
Angelo Privitera
Marcella Ignoto
Riccardo Rossi
Rosario Pecorella
Michele Giustolisi
Marco Cosentino
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