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Snowshoes and craters
An excursion with snowshoes is a unique experience, which shows who lives in a distant past, when snowshoes represented for the mountain people the only way to move in winter when the snow were abundant.
Walk with snowshoes on a snowy mantle spotless, enjoy the silence of the woods, the spectacle of the craters now off, discover the traces left by the animals which move in search of food.
Difficulty: Easy
Required Equipment: trekking shoes, windproof jacket, gloves
equipment provided: Snowshoes, sticks.

opening times: Departure from the hotel 9.00

Return planned: 14.30

Cost min  € 55,00    (for more than 2 participants)
Cost max € 70,00    (for 2 partecipants)
pick-up from the’hotel included*

* From all the towns of the Ionian riviera (from Taormina to Catania) and from the countries of the Etna eastern flank.

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